Richard Febbi
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His legacy

     Richie grew up in Butler, NJ where he graduated from Butler High School. He played football for the town for over 8 years and was a constant center of attention. Since he was a young boy he wanted to serve his country just as his father did. On his 18th birthday he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Following boot camp, he was assigned to the Marine Expeditionary Force, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, and graduated from the prestigious Marine Corps Sniper School.
     Rich served in the Marine Corps for four years in Japan, Australia, and Hawaii. He also fought the War on Terrorism in the Philippines. After a short break of service, when he became a Butler Fire Fighter, Rich joined the U.S. Army to become a Calvary Scout. He was assigned as a Scout Section Leader for the 1st Battalion, 72nd Armed Regimen, located at Camp Casey, Korea. Following his deployment to Korea, Sgt. Febbi was assigned to Ft. Lewis, Washington, Outlaw Troop, 4th Squadron, 2nd Calvary Regiment.
     It was on the dreaded day of July 1st 2005, in Tacoma Washington, that God decided he needed Richie to lead his Army in Heaven. Rich truly loved his country and accomplished more by the age of 25 then most people accomplish in a lifetime. The impact that he had on the people who knew and loved him leaves the greatest sadness in our hearts… yet we can smile when we think of how lucky we truly are to have had such an extraordinary person in our life. Rich could walk into a room full of people who are crying, and leave the room with everyone laughing their asses off. He was a one of a kind, and to truly know him is to love him. While the pain of losing him makes our hearts ache, to know that we will one day be reunited gives us hope. Richies memory, accomplishments, and dedication to his country will shine on forever. We miss you Rich.

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