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Happy Birthday  / Matt Febbi (Father/ Brother )  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Matt Febbi (Father/ Brother )

Hey Rich,

 I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and to wish you a Happy Birthday my Brother Marine. Try to keep the party down to a mild roar. I love and Miss you very much.



Happy birthday in heaven  / Holly McCarthy   Read >>
Happy birthday in heaven  / Holly McCarthy
Dear Rich happy 29th in heaven, today we all think of you happy birthday Love ya and miss you everyday Close
Mixed Emotions  / Matt Febbi (Dad/ Brother Marine )  Read >>
Mixed Emotions  / Matt Febbi (Dad/ Brother Marine )

 Well Buddy, yet another year has pasted and we ALL wonder to ourselves. What would he Have been like at 29? Then our heads go down with tears rolling down our collective faces. It has taken me this long  to know the answer to that question. It was so simple, stearing us all right in the face. Simply put, you would just be as nutty as we all  rember the last time we each spoke with you. With just 4 more years of exploits and Richizems to fill all out hearts.

 Rich this is an especially bad weekend. Wanting to celibrate your birthday tomorrow. Missing you more and more with each day and home that I finish. Yet knowing that your havenly Army is growing each day. Welcome my friend as only you know how Buddy.

  It's funny Rich, I feel closer to you everytime I look into Riely's eyes. That little Girl is you just in a smaller body. God help us all when she is able to talk. Butler will never be the same. I can see her now, sitting on the pourch with a beer in hand watching all the guys going to school. LOL

  Please Rich, watch over all of us and help us to continue your legacy of joy and laughter. You know what I'm thinking and please keep an extra eye out for my friends as I try to do what I think you would want. Help me be happy.



couldn't sleep  / Dana (sister)  Read >>
couldn't sleep  / Dana (sister)
Hey Rich, I can't sleep, so I figured I would come on here and write to you, seems silly doesn't it. I was just looking back at some old pictures. I guess I've just really been having a hard time lately.  Between the beefsteak coming up, your birthday, my birthday, etc. I wish so much that you were here.
Sometimes when Riley looks off into "space",  and says "hi", I wonder if she is talking to you. I know you watch over her everyday, and I KNOW that you sent her to us. Richie, she is so much like you in everyway. Her personality, her attitude, and her eyes, they are so much of you!
I promise you that I will always tell her about her "uncle richie" and what a funny, incredible, and inspiring person you are. I promise you that she will grow up knowing you, and that I will always teach her what and important part of her life you are. I thought that having Riley would make things "easier" - in a way, it does to a certain respect, as I am much "busier" - but in  a way, it has made everything so much harder too. I want so badly to call you and tell you when she does something new. I want you to be there on Christmas morning when she opens up her presents, or on her birthday when she blows out the candles. I want so much for you to be a part of her life.  I know that your spirit is, but I guess we are all just selfish, we really want you here.

Anyway, I'm going to try to go to sleep now. I miss you and love you always. Close
Your Legacy Marches On  / Matt Febbi (Father)  Read >>
Your Legacy Marches On  / Matt Febbi (Father)

 Well Buddy, yet another home was dedicated to day. This home was a lot tuffer then all the others. I think mainly because Sgt. Kuboy reminds me so much of you. His actions (he will do ANYTHING to make people laugh) His quick whit, And Yes even his  decorating tast or should I say lack of. Your leather bed would fit right in this house.LOL

  I am also happy to say the Gas grille your fund donated to him during the ceramony went over so big. The very first meal was cooked on your grille. At which time everyone toasted your legacy. You live on in so many peoples hearts.

 I Love and MISS you so much. Thank you for your help in making these dream come true for our Brothers in arms.

 I Love you Bud

Hi / Dana (sister)  Read >>
Hi / Dana (sister)

Hi Richie - Sorry I haven't written on here, it has just gotten to be too hard. 

Each day feels longer than the next.  I miss you so much, Richie. You would be amazed at how quickly Riley is growing up.  Each day, she reminds me more and more of you - her attitude, her personality, he sense of humour, it is all you.

I love you and miss you always.

back from vacation  / Jane   Read >>
back from vacation  / Jane

My Dear Richie


Well we are back from our week in Delaware - oh how you would have enjoyed it as you loved the beach and all the action,


Richie - Riley is so much like you - always peforming and so much a people person - she certanly can turn on the charm when she wants to,  We all had so much fun living thru her.


I did pretty well - some rough days - especially at night when i would look up at the stars and wonder if you are watching up.  That was confirmed at the fancy restaurant we took nan to for her 84th birthday; they have riley one of those kiddie pacets to keep her entertained - when she opened it, there was a picture of a penquin in it - you are always with us


Well I am off to try and find a dress for hurleys wedding next week - so nice dana, rob and i and a guest (ha ha) were invited in your place  It will be bittersweet to be there with your friends but nice also to see them all agaiin and hear more richie stories.


I love you with all my heart - send me a little extra help as i am having some more weepy solemn days - which i know will go on forever; how could i ever heal without you here; people just dont get it that I WILL NEVER AGAIN BE THE SAME - i am just a good actress at times.


love always



LIFE GOES ON  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)  Read >>
LIFE GOES ON  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)

(Written yesterday July 1, 2008 - Third Anniversary of Richie's death)


My Dear Family and Friends,


Three little words but are they true?

If you asked me that three years ago today, I would have said Oh My God, how could it. I sit today on the third anniversary of Richie's passing and cannot say it doesnt.

For me and Dana and Matt our hearts stopped July 1, 2005 - how could we ever feel again or let anyone in again without being hurt.

Well on April 26, 2007, little Riley Margaret Hamilton entered our lives and filled a space in our broken hearts. Each day she brings joy to us all, we have learned to laugh again and relish every waking moment with her. She has her Uncle Richie's devilish ways and unlimited energy. I sat this morning when we went to Richie's mass and just watched her expressions as she took it all in. The amazement in her face of seeing the people, hearing Fr. Jude (God Bless his heart for his caring ways for us each day) and her complete innoncence of why we were there helped me understand that life does go on!

I cannot honestly say that we will ever be "whole" again - how could we and I am not sure that for me "my life will go on" - but it hasnt stopped and with the help of all you, Dana, Matt and I will be able to face the day.

I have to share an experience that happened to me this weekend; I spent last four days with my childhood friend Judy at her beautiful home in North Carolina to escape for a bit the reality of life and to prepare for today. Ironically, she has named her new home "Angels Rest". Judy and I talked incessiently for four days, laugh and cried of our 50+ years together. One of her neighbors across the lake had visitors, her son a Marine and his fellow Marines. I sat across the lake and watched these boys "horse around in the water" and my mind wandered of where and what Richie would be doing now. Judy was out in her kayak and went over to talk to the Mom. About 20 mins later, two of the young boys swam across the lake to where I was sitting, came up on the dock, came over to me and said "Mamm, we are sorry for your loss; we know how it is to have lost a buddy (they just returned from Iraq); they kissed me on the cheek and I thanked them for their sevice and told them how much we appreciate and our thankful for what they do. I know Richie had his hand in this - things like this always happen to me when I need a lift or reassurance that he is with me!

Please dont ever be afraid to call us, stop in and talk about Richie - it helps us tremendously to hear all those crazy Richie stories. You know our door is always open; in fact, I am sure it will be swinging tonite with those who just want to be close and reminisce of the good times.

So as Richie lived his life, I implore you all to take chances, grab the brass ring and leave nothing unsaid.

Thank you all for your love and support.



Dreaded the Day  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)  Read >>
Dreaded the Day  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)

My Dear Richie


Oh how I dreaded yesterday; I couldnt write on your site.  Words wouldnt come without a flood of tears.  How could this be that you are gone forever.  Reality is here that you are not away on some mission but truly gone from this earth but NEVER OUR HEARTS.


I kep myself somewhat composed all day until I went to cemetary after work and saw that your friends were there having a rolling rock with you; then I lost it.  How very special your friends are and they love you so and miss you so.  I am sure you saw the bench they all donated in your memory.


So wit the help of all our family and friends we got thru yesterday with lots of tears and laughs.  Little Riley is our best medicine; oh Richie she is so like you - you did good picking her out for us.


Next we will be working on your and Brad's dinner - it has become a reunion for the whole town.  You boys left such a positive impact and good things are being done in your memories.


Well I will sign off now, it is getting harder and harder to write to you but thank God for your special love Amy who keeps this site alive.  You were blessed by having her in your life.


all my love



Trying to make you proud  / Matt Febbi (Father)  Read >>
Trying to make you proud  / Matt Febbi (Father)

Buddie, I sit here in Denver building another home for one of your striker brothers from Ft. Lewis. My only quest in life now is to make both you and Dana as proud of me as I am of you both. DAD

PS thank you for sending Riley to us.

ONE MORE HOUSE DOWN IN YOUR NAME  / Matt Febbi (Father)  Read >>
watch over everyone  / Jane Mc Carthy (mom)  Read >>
watch over everyone  / Jane Mc Carthy (mom)

Well Richie I am off to do what you had always told me to do - get out of the box and see the world.


I am apprehesive as always leaving everyone but I must be a little more adverterous as you always were.


Watch over everyone while I am gone and give Riley a special first birthday kiss on Saturday.


Love and miss you with all my heart



Still missing you  / Dana (sister)  Read >>
Still missing you  / Dana (sister)

Hey Rich


Well, I haven't written on here in a while.  To tell the truth, it just seems as though the days are getting harder and harder without you.  I guess the reality of this whole thing just keeps setting in!

Each day, Riley reminds me more of you - she thinks she is a riot, just like you always did!  God richie, I wish you could have met her - you would have been such an amazing uncle! I guess that is why this gets even harder.  Each of Riley's "firsts" I want to call you and tell you - then I realize I can't. 

I love you so much, and miss you always!


My Dear Richie

As you know, I didnt write you this Easter - I was down with that stomach virus.  In a way, it was good as I spent two days in bed, one of which was Easter and I didnt have to face the holiday without you.  I just slept the day away.

You know that there isnt a minute of each day that I dont think of you and miss your crazy stories and infectious smile.  Funny how life goes on all around but for us who love you, it has stopped.  Yes we try and thank God for Riley as she has put the smiles and happiness back in our hearts.  I know you handpicked her and what an angel she is.

I went to Doctor as I am sure you know and lets see if I cant "get on" as everyone says.  I am sure you would be laughing at the very thought.

Well I leave for my trip in 23 days and maybe I will see you face while dozing on the tour bus as I did last time.  I have vowed to do things that you would want me to do - hard as it is.

So for now, I hope you are seeing all the good things that are being done in your and Brad's name.  What wonderful boys you were and are - I love you with all my heart.








Note From a Friend!  / Bill Phillips (family friend )  Read >>
Note From a Friend!  / Bill Phillips (family friend )
Richie, I deeply regret that I never had a chance to meet and serve beside you in our military.  I've gotten to know you through your father and by meeting your mother -- they are extraordinary people and Patriots, so I have a good feel for what your life's work was, and the kind of Marine/Soldier you were!  Although having never met you, i can say without reservation that our military, our Nation, and I miss you!    Close
missing u  / Holly (cousin)  Read >>
missing u  / Holly (cousin)
Hey rich just thinking bout you I miss you and our late night convos,  Riley reminds me so much of you your happiness and constent laugher. we miss you rich. keep Ive had numberous of dreams...and I just miss ya.. watch over all of us. Close
hi from cancun  /   Read >>
hi from cancun  /
<my dear richie

oh how you would have loved it hereñ it is so you 

i look into the ocean and see your face each time you would come home from the shoreñ how you loved the ocean

little riley is so you    they took her up on stage at margaretaville and she was such a ham   i was so proud of her   she has so much ofyou in her.  

tonite is our last nite hereñ   i will look up into the sky tonite andknow you see us all and are happy we are trying 

love you with all my heart

mom Close
World ain't the same without you tough guy  / Randal Ruby (Old Friend )  Read >>
World ain't the same without you tough guy  / Randal Ruby (Old Friend )

Been awhile since you passed, I know that if any of us make to heaven it will be you. I will never forget the first morning of the Spur ride and you had the flu. Even with a fever and having to stop and puke halfway through you still beat everyone in your section on the PT test. You never quit and earned your spurs. I just got back from Iraq, wish I would have had you there with me. Condez called me when you passed away, I am sorry it has taken me so long to write. My last Platoon was nothing like the one we had because it had noone like you. You were a hell of a Trooper and one great NCO. Do me a favor and pull overwatch for the rest of us until we finish this movement. 

"Who you with? 1st Tank!"

SFC Randal Ruby
Former Platoon Sergeant Close
Another Holiday Without You  / Mom   Read >>
Another Holiday Without You  / Mom
My Dear Richie

We are about to face another holiday without you.  No celebration will ever again be the same without you here with us to celebrate.  Oh God how I miss those 3 a.m. phone calls from you telling me of your latest escapades and conquests - what I wouldnt give to hear the phone ring again at 3 a.m.

I will be with my gang for dinner tonite and then home to be with Nan, Uncle Rich, Dana and Riley - Rob will be working in NYC at Times Square.  I keep thinking of how you would have loved to go to NYC tonite and tell everyone "your brother in law is a cop in the City and will get us up front" - lol.

Then tomorrow the whole family, Kathy and Joe will be here for the New Year.  We will try our best as always to get thru one more holiday and we will do our traditional toast to you.

I couldnt get on your site Christmas as it was down and then when I could get on, the words couldnt come thru the tears.  Just gets harder.

I will stop over at Fran's sometime tonite and wish all your friends Happy New Year - how hard it is for all of them without you here.  They will be toasting you all thru the night I am sure.

So Richie, as we say goodbye to 2007 and hello to 2008, know that you are missed more than words could ever say and we love you and miss you every minute of every day.

I long to see you and laugh and hug you again.

I will try to "get myself more together" in 2008 and channel my pain but again, I cant promise anything - this pain is way too unbearable but we are trying.  So no resolutions for me - just a promise to try.


Mom Close
Thinking of you  / Dana (sister)  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Dana (sister)
Hey Richie, well I had to write.  Last night, was a very rough night.  We had to go to rob's cousin's funeral - he was 37.  Although I didn't know him very well, I found myself dreading going to the wake the entire day.  I realized, while I was in line waiting to pay my respects, why.  As I stood their, watching his sisters' pain, it just brought back so many memories, and it was just way too overwhelming.  Had it been before you died, I probably would have just told them, I am sorry for your loss and hope their pain would subside.  I couldn't help but grieve for them, knowing that their lives as they knew it will never be the same.  Knowing the pain they will go through every day of their lives is just so sad.  I found myself reliving your wake.  What an awful few days.  I remembered how you looked and how hard it was to say good bye.  God, I miss you so much Richie.  It's been 2 1/2 years and I felt every second of that time!  I love you always. Close
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