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THINKING OF YOU TODAY AND ALWAYS  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)  Read >>


Some days I do real good and others are harder than some. Today it is sunny out and crisp and fresh.

A high school classmate's son wrote a book and is having a book signing today and I am going. I guess my mind is wandering as to what could have been for Richie.

So although this song is sad and you will probably be sad remembering those in your life who are absent lets all think of a happy time with them and raise our glass today and toast the joy they brought into our lives.

Loving you and missing you so very bad Richie but toasting you with a smile.


Barclay and Deg Made it Back  / R.E. Ruby (Friend)  Read >>
Barclay and Deg Made it Back  / R.E. Ruby (Friend)


Just letting you know that almost all of the guys are back. Todd Wild has settled down getting married. Deg was back for about three weeks and deployed to Haiti.

Thanks for looking over them.


missing you  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)  Read >>
missing you  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)

Oh Richie - how I remember the last time we saw you - this picture stands in my mind.  You were so self assured handsome that day.  I laugh as I remember when you were dancing with dana whose wedding it was and you said to her you think everyone is looking at you but they are really looking at me.


How handsome you were in your Dress Uniform with your Calvary hat which Nan bought for you.  Now it hangs with your swords in a case. 


My only solace is that you were the happiest you ever had been at that time.  You died being who you wanted to be.  To this day we still hear Richie stories and I never can get enough of them.


This Saturday Nan is taking the whole family out to eat for Uncle Steves and Aunt Sue's birthday - you will be in heaven with Pop celebrating his.  I am sorry I cant go to church Saturday nite as the mass intention is for you but some of my friends will be going in my place - I am blessed with good friends.  I know you will understand that I need to be with our family Saturday nite - you know and understand the whys and please watch over us all.


Oh Richie Riley is soooo you.  thank god for her; she makes us laugh at her craziness just as you did.  How I miss your sense of humor.


This is a long cold winter and thoughts of you are constant of how you loved ice hockey and tailgating at the jets game in the cold weather.  And now how I laugh when I hear about the new show about the Jersey Shore - God I remember your stories; remember when MTV followed you guys around that summer.


Well I havent written in awhile but that sometimes is my mechanism to pretend this is all a nightmare but it isnt and each day proves it.


Remember we love you and miss you each moment of the day.


Your cousins have stepped up to the plate to do things with her which you would be doing.  We are all spoiling her rotten but we are entitled right!!


So I am off to try to sleep only to wake up at some point and think of you and ask why.  One day I wont have to ask the question but for now know I love you with all my heart and miss you with all my broken heart.





missing you  / Holly (cousin)  Read >>
missing you  / Holly (cousin)

Rich little riley you def sent her to us. she is so much fun and laughter. she is very attached to her uncle T. You would be proud of Tom. She has so much of you in her no fear willing to do new things loving towards everyone and accepting towards everyone. I know the holidays are coming up its tough on everyone and Ive been missing ya alot Had a dream with you in it. Dream of you often. I can accept what happened just that I cant change it.

Please watch over dana rob your mom and Riley this Holiday season you would be so proud of all the things your mom *gigi* has done for everyone we always tell Riley about her wonderful uncle rii in heaven.

Hi Richie  / Dana (sister)  Read >>
Hi Richie  / Dana (sister)

So I haven't written in a long time.  Trust me Richie its not because i'm not thinking of you.  I find myself thinking about you all the time and missing you every second of every day.  Your birthday is approaching what would have been your 30th Birthday - can you believe it?

Riley is getting so big.  She is so much like you Richie and I know you are watching over her.  Every time she says something funny like "relax mom" or "alright alright" I think of you and how much a part of her life you would have been.  You would have been the single best uncle anyone could have.  I bring her up to see your grave quite a bit. She calls it "uncle ree in heaven's house". I only hope that as she grows I can fill her in even more as to what an amazing person you were.

So I'm sure you know by now Dad had a stroke.  He's trying very hard to get better but the VA is not an easy place to be in.  I can't believe they treat veterans this way it really is heartbreaking and I know you would be furious.  I know you are watching over him and will make sure he is ok.

Rob's dad is also sick so we have had our hands full.

The beefsteak in memory of you and brad is Saturday.  I'm hoping a few of your friends from the Marines will be able to make it.  How nice of them to come all the way up for this.  As usual all your friends (batto brian fran pete chris tommy you name it) will be there.  They all love you so much and miss you everyday like we do.

I could really use your voice on the other end of the phone right about now.

I love you with all my heart Richie and miss you everyday.


  Hey Buddy

as you know the Date for your Dinner is fast approching and I'm sure it will once again be a total success just as before. Please watch over EVERYONE who puts so much into remembering you and Brad.

  It is so sad yet refreaching to hear from some of your old buddies from the Corps.  The fact that they have such fond memories of you is so refreashing. One of my biggest fears of the past since your death was that people would forget you. I am certain now that will NEVER happen.

Please continue working your MAGJIC

 Semper Fi MY SON


Memorial Dinner  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)  Read >>
Memorial Dinner  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)

for  those of you who may want to come our annual dinner in memory of Richie along with his friend Brad will be held on Oktober 17 2009 - it is a beefsteak and beer/soda - it is a wonderful nite to remember and laugh about these two special boys/men.


If you want to come just email me and I will give you the info re tickets.  We would love for some of Richie's old Marine/Army buddies to come - we never tire of hearing the Richie stories.



thank you r. e. ruby  / Mom   Read >>
thank you r. e. ruby  / Mom

Thank you whomever posted the message in regard to Korea - oh how I remember those phone calls of all the escapades you guys must have gotten into.  \

There isnt a day that goes by that we dont miss him, for that matter a minute - our lives have forever changed.

you can write me any time at; I would love to see more pixs or any stories you remember - dont worry nothing you could tell me would shock me - Richie told me more than I cared to know at times - lol.

thank you for remembering him and thank you for your service.

Jane McCarthy - Proud Mom of Sgt. Richard Febbi, USMC and US Armu

Thinking of You  / R.E. Ruby (Old Friend )  Read >>
Thinking of You  / R.E. Ruby (Old Friend )


Found some old stuff from Korea today, must be why I woke up at 2 in the morning thinking of you. Posted a few pictures for your family, they really miss you. Many of the sites for our fallen drop of after a while, not yours. Take care.


Recon 4

Still Missing You  / Matt Febbi (Father)  Read >>
Still Missing You  / Matt Febbi (Father)

 Well Buddy, it's 4 years since your death. Yet, it seems like only this morning. I'm not sure what people who say "time heals all." I'm sure they have never lost someone like you. I thank you for bringing Amy to your Grave when you did. Obviously you are still working your magic.

 As you know my GOOD friend Jeff has joined you on your anniversary. Please find him and help him around. I'm sure you and he will get alone great. he is a real TRUE Man of Honor.




Your memory  / Dana (sister)  Read >>
Your memory  / Dana (sister)
I know you would have been so happy to see those 2 young men last night and how happy they were that we recognized them in your memory.  I know you are smiling down.  Love you always Close
i will be with you monday  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)  Read >>
i will be with you monday  / Jane McCarthy (Mom)

My Dear Richie


I will write more after Monday, but know that I will as I always do be looking up at the heavens as we honor our Veterans with your Army beret in my hand close to my heart.


I love and miss you terribly = your life touched so many and still does.


Riley will be with me again this year  to honor her Uncle Ree





Mothers day  / Holly Mccarthy (cousin)  Read >>
Mothers day  / Holly Mccarthy (cousin)
Dear Rich - love ya and miss our talks. I know today is hard day for some. but you would be so proud of dana she raised such an beutiful little girl. Riley is so loving and caring We all know you sent her to us. she has such unconditional love for everyone. just as you accepted everyone. She adores dana and the things she comes up with is just so funny. and of course her gi gi. and all her props lol. Having riley changed all our lifes brought back the laughter. I love and miss you everyday riley she says uncle rhea. and looks at all our necklaces. Please keep an eye on unk mike on tues..and Just wanted to say I think about u all the time. and riley will always know who you are. Happy Mothers day to all moms.
Haven't written  / Dana (sister)  Read >>
Haven't written  / Dana (sister)

Hey Richie - Well, its been a long time since I have written on here.  Its not because I don't want to, it is just too hard. The past few weeks have been very hard for me. Riley will be turning 2 and realizing that you won't be here for this is very difficult.  You would be so proud of her.  She would have adored you Richie.  She is so much like you.  She will do anything for a laugh!  She shares so much of your personality, it makes me truly believe you sent her to us. 

I am trying so hard to make sure she knows who you are and to make her understand how important you are to me.  She always grabs my necklace and kisses you and says "night night re". 

Richie, you would be so proud of our cousins, seeing how much they have "stepped up" to make sure Riley has a loving uncle and 2 loving aunts on her mommy's side.  They adore her.  Everytime Riley sees "T" - her eyes light up and she goes running right to him.  I know you would be proud!

I wish so much that you could be a part of this Richie.  I know you will be with us as we celebrate her 2nd birthday.  I love you always.

valentines day  / Mom McCarthy (mom)  Read >>
valentines day  / Mom McCarthy (mom)

My Dear Richie


well I got through another Valentines without you here.  How hard they hard - I know what a broken heart feels like.  I still find myself looking when the mail comes for one of your crazy Valentine cards or for one of you crazy phone calls.


No holiday will ever again be the same.  But know Richie that you filled my heart with pride and love - we had a special understanding of one another - I miss your antics, and year for one more laugh.


Hope you can see how special riley is and that she is a mirror image of you at times.


Love you always and Happy Belated Valetines day.



Missing You  / Mom   Read >>
Missing You  / Mom

My Dear Richie,


I know I havent been on in awhile but sometimes it is just too hard.  This long cold winter is taking its toll on us all - I do remember though how you loved the snow and can remember you shovelling our driveway when Nan and I moved to Arch street.  I have that picture hanging as you had the biggest smile on you.  You were on leave from the Marines and it was the first time home since the divorce and you had to get acclamated to our new surroundings.  You hated it at first but we had so many laughs there and when you left you understood we would be OK.


I am sure  you can see how Riley brightens up the room when she walks in - she is a gift sent from above.  Her personality mirrors yours with her craziness and always wanting to be the clown for us all.  You did good sending her.


We are getting ready for another trip to Mexico - seems like we just want to escape for a bit and in our minds run away from life but it is always there - that emptiness in our hearts and t hen one of us will say....................wouldnt Richie love it here.  I am sorry I couldnt do more for you and take you places but the marines/Army did that for you and I know in my heart that is where you needed to be.


Please keep us all in your prayers - I was feeling great but last two days have that sensation again - lets hope it will pass soon.


Hope you see all the good everyone is doing in your memory and I am sure you are proud of your sister and her fortitude in preserving your life.


I love you and miss you every minute of the day.






PS - What am I going to do Valentines Day without your crazy cards?????  Only ones I got - lol.

missing you as well  / Mike Carstens (Friend)  Read >>
missing you as well  / Mike Carstens (Friend)
It has been a long time since we were together playing in my parents house. The long days of Nintendo, GI Joe's, shooting hoops, wiffle ball with Ray, and making stupid videos on my pxl2000 (we were youtube well before it's time). You have touched many people since then and they all miss you dearly. I just want you to know that those who knew you years ago miss you as well.

I will always be your friend...
The more days go by the more i miss you.  / Matt FEBBI (father)  Read >>
The more days go by the more i miss you.  / Matt FEBBI (father)

Hey Buddie,

  I spent the day talking about you and your "exploits". Now sitting in my room I've come to realize that as time goes on I find myself missing you more and more.

  Building these homes for the wounded soliders has helped my deal with your loss. And I hope and pray it has made you 1/10 th as proud of me as I am of you. But, as time marches on even that doesn't help.

  As I told you that last time we met. I will forever harbour the guilt of being so tuff on you. I only hope that mybe in some strange way helped you become the son that every father prays to have. Your Mom and I have been so very blessed to have had you and Dana and yes let us not forget "RILEY" I have never believed in the reincarnation thing. However, I will forever believe that she is YOU. I was showing the first photos I had taken on my new Camera of her to Nancy and as paged through the Photos I could see you in her eyes. the way she blocked us all out because she was doing what She wanted to do.

  Rich please help us all deal with this pain we all must bear without you. I love you.

 Semper Fi My Brother

 Semper Fi My Son


Merry Christmas Rich  / Holly McCarthy (cousin)  Read >>
Merry Christmas Rich  / Holly McCarthy (cousin)

Dear Rich,

I miss our talks and miss you very much Thank you for sending riley I love her so much. She is just like you. Has your spirit and laughter.

She and I get to spend alot of time together. and she is so happy. I know u did good with her .  We all thought of you yesterday like your mom said we get quite and remember one or two things you did to make us laugh it will never get easier without you. Thank your for sending us riley and as we call her gigis " angel Baby" I miss you  like you told me and will never forget we always have our wonderfull family to be there for each other love you rich

Another Holiday  / Mom   Read >>
Another Holiday  / Mom

My Dear Richie


Have you noticed I have not written lately - it is just that it is just so hard to know that  I cant hear your voice, see your smile and hear about all your escapades.


Sometimes I think if I dont  go on here, it isnt real but eventually I need to talk to you and this is the way to help ease the pain for a bit.


We got thru Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones; thank God as that is the only way we can do it.  As always there comes a time when everyone has a blank stare on their face and we need not say a word, we just know you should be here.


We are getting ready for Christmas - I am going through the motions; we have too as we have little Riley who brings so much love into our hearts again.  Richie, I know you are part of her; I can see it in her eyes.  Thank you for sending her.


Be with us all Xmas Eve when we will go into the City and try and get thru yet another one; if I could run away from it I would but the reality is that accomplishes nothing, the resul t is always the same.


Just know we miss you every second; and just have to keep in our minds that one day we will see you again.  I know you will see some of the good things that will be done in your memory this holiday - you would be proud of Dana and how she has channelled this into doing good.


Well I will try and come back again before Christmas but if not, you will know why.


Love you always



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