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A Soldier Died Today  / Jane McCarthy (Mother)  Read >>
A Soldier Died Today  / Jane McCarthy (Mother) Close
perhaps love  / Jane McCarthy (Mother)  Read >>
perhaps love  / Jane McCarthy (Mother) Close
Ten years  / Jane McCarthy (mother)  Read >>
Ten years  / Jane McCarthy (mother)
Dear Richie Next week will be ten years since we lost you; not a day goes by that I don't think of you - my heart is forever broken. I will celebrate your life next week and there will be many tears, laughs, and memories. Until I see you again - love always Mom Close
FebFest 2013  / Jane McCArthy (mom)  Read >>
FebFest 2013  / Jane McCArthy (mom)
Your Legacy continues Richie through Dana, Rob and your good friends; once again FebFest will help aid our men and women who serve our country.  Love and miss you   Mom Close
11.11.11 / Randy Ruby (Brother in Arms )  Read >>
11.11.11 / Randy Ruby (Brother in Arms )
Feb, Please forgive me for the belated Veterans Day thanks to you. I know your looking down and saying WTF to me, I'd have to agree with you. Miss you brother. Recon 4 Close
memorial day - we remember you everyday  / Jane Mc Carthy (mom)  Read >>
memorial day - we remember you everyday  / Jane Mc Carthy (mom) Close
Tomorrow / Dana (sister)  Read >>
Tomorrow / Dana (sister)
So tomorrow we will christen your nephew, Brennan Richard.  I always have a hard time with these things because I feel like you were robbed.  I feel like if you were here you would have moved mountains to be here tomorrow.  It wouldn't have mattered if you were in iraq or seattle, you would have convinced mom to get you a ticket :) or something.  I will miss you so much tomorrow, but that really wouldn't distinguish it from any other day.  Riley told me the other day that it was raining on her birthday because her Uncle Ree in heaven was crying because he couldn't be there - I couldn't agree move.  Love you always. Close

Ok Richie I  know why I am feeling like this and trying to get past it but could use a little help - somehow just make me understand and help me get thru this - so tired of whinning about how I feel - no one wants to hear it anymore but you get it I am sure.


We will celebrate your life on Friday - miss you every minute of every day.





need a little help this week  / Mom   Read >>
need a little help this week  / Mom
Dear Richie

Keep an eye on your old mom this week

miss and love you more and more

mom Close
Five years  / Mom   Read >>
Five years  / Mom
My dear Richie

Well they say time heals all wounds but for some reason this year it seems harder; do you understand.  Is it the realization that you really are gone; is it that Riley would have loved to have her Uncle Ree in heaven here xmas morning watching her open her presents.

The world is in such disarray - I feel bad complaining when we are blessed with the love of a strong family and wonderful friends but it isnt enough Richie it just isnt.

Dana Rob and Riley went into the City to see the tree of course they asked me but this year I just wasnt into it.  But I know you will show Riley how magical new york is this time of year and how real Santa Claus is - I know you never stopped believing.

Stay close to us Richie - we really need you this year.  We will all be together xmas morning - even your Dad will be there - as we watch Riley our minds will go back to those days when you and Dana opened packages and you counted to make sure they were the same - lol.

I  love and miss you terribly.  Shine on Richie I am watching from below.


Mom Close
5 Years  / Reconmg4 (Life Long Friend )  Read >>
5 Years  / Reconmg4 (Life Long Friend )


You continue to open the stretch between us and the after life. I still reflect on your life often and sincerely wish that I had a family as loyal as yours.

I hope that your family feels free to contact me to tell them how important you were to our team.


Randy Ruby


STA 1/3  / Jason Smith (Friend)  Read >>
STA 1/3  / Jason Smith (Friend)
Great Marine and great person.  I remember when he came over to STA and we hazed the crap out of him during the indoc.  Though his feet hurt and he was dog tired he never gave up. 

We'll link up some day brother....tell some old Marine Corps war stories at the big E-club in the sky.

Semper Fi Close
FebFest 2010  / Dana (sister)  Read >>
FebFest 2010  / Dana (sister)
Well you would be LOVING this!! You have the best friends I have ever seen.  5 yrs later and they still love and miss you like it were yesterday.  Pete is organizing the first annual FEBFEST - a 5 hour event at Trackside (what a better place I remember you coming in telling me how great the floor looked how the place looked etc when they were fixing it up to open when you were home).  Connor's band is going to play - imagine that - Connor's band!! you would have said "we are old" if you heard that and what a better date than on 9/11 - i still remember - you were the first person I talked to on 9/11 after everything happened - you immediately called me to make sure I hadn't gone into the city or anything for work that day then you immediately asked if i had heard from rob - then of course you went on and on and on about all the places you were going to now etc - i remember that phone call like it was yesterday.  I know you will love what we are doing in your memory at Febfest then a month later the beefsteak.  I miss you more each day richie.  Keep talking to Riley like you always do - she loves her uncle ree in heaven so much.  Close
5 yrs ago  / Dana (sister)  Read >>
5 yrs ago  / Dana (sister)

Well I'm going to write on here today because I just don't know that I'll be able to do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is such a mix of emotions for me.  5 years ago tomorrow was the last time our family was complete.  It was the last time I heard your voice.  It was the last time we were all "whole". 

Tomorrow evening will mark the 5 year anniversary of the day you were taken from us. I along with the rest of our family have felt every single second of those 5 years. I miss everything about you. I miss hearing your voice paying your bills (lol) hearing all your stories about where you had been and what you had done.  Most of all I just miss my brother. I miss having you around so much.  That saying time heals all wounds is crap - I miss you more today than I did 5 years ago.  I may not cry every second like I did in the begining but I thinks thats because I simply have no more tears. Now its just an ache in my heart that won't go away.  No matter what we do there is always something missing.

So much has changed in 5 years.  Riley was born is and is so much like you it is scary.  She knows of her Uncle Ree in heaven and talks of you so much. She always tells me you are up in the moon. I have tried so hard over the past 3 years to make sure she knows who you are and how important you are in her life. That is probably the thing that hurts the most that you are not here to share in her day-to-day life.  She is so much fun and I know you would have loved spending every second with her. She probably would have landed you a few phone numbers too! :)

 Last week we all moved.  You would love the house although you probably would have wanted Rob and my room :) You would have officially been a New Yorker although in my eyes you are because I KNOW you are here with us.

2 weeks ago we gave a scholarship in your name to Mark's nephew.  He is going into the marines and reminded me so much of you that night.  That look in his eyes and how eager he was to go into the marine corps I remember that look like it was yesterday.

Richie every single second is more difficult that the last.  I miss you so much and will love you always.  Please watch over all of us today tomorrow and every day.

thank you Richie and all those who served/serce  / Jane (Mom)  Read >>
thank you Richie and all those who served/serce  / Jane (Mom)
My Dear Family and Friends

Well here we are approaching yet another "holiday". How will we all spend it picinic with family and friends shooting off fireworks cranking up the grill for the first time this year or going "down the shore" as we Jerseyans would say.

How wonderful to spend holidays surrounded by those we love.

Even before Richie's joining the Military Memorial Day had a very special meaning for me - I have marched in the parades for years now and that is how my day starts before returning home to be with loved ones.

As I stand at the monuments and listen to the speeches band playing prayers offered raising the flag my mind wanders off when Iook into the eyes of the Veterans - what must they be thinking? Are they thinking back to when they were a young boy leaving their comfortable home to parts unknown their eyes filled with adventure as to what lies ahead for them. But as I look into their eyes each Memorial Day and for those of us who live with a Veteran or are close to them the look in their eyes are different today than that day so long ago when they left the comforts of home.

Today I see sometimes fear sadness lonlieness but I also see an intense camaraderie and pride! You dont see boasting for what they did they just did it and very few talk of it. It is a brotherhood which as a Mother we sometimes dont want our child to be part of but if they are the leave a young boy but return a Man who really knows what is important in life - they've been there seen and done it and appreciate living in our country.

Tomorrow when I look into the crowd and see our next door neighbor our postman lawyer local deliveryman and look into their eyes one can tell from the slight tear at some point that they know the importance of the day and the feeling of brotherhood.

I pray one day to be standing there and see a crowd so deep I can see no more; we must never ever forget what they did what they still do and thank them for their service and always those who paid the extreme sacrifice.

Everyone have a wonderful day and tomorrow as you are with family and friends take a minute to "thank and remember our Veterans".

Love and miss you Richie and thank you for your service and for making me so proud.

Jane/Mom Close
Perhaps Love Richie  / Mom   Read >>
Perhaps Love Richie  / Mom



Thinking of you this Mothers Day and  thanking God for the little time I had with you.  You and your sister have made me proud and honored to say I am your Mom.


You will be with me each moment today as you are everyday.


I love and miss you.



Easter / Jane McCarthy (Mom)  Read >>
Easter / Jane McCarthy (Mom)

My Dear Richie


Well here we are approaching yet another holiday without you.  They never will be the same.  Yes we try and go through all the motions and do what we have to do but there is always that moment for each one of us when our minds drift away and we think of you and some memory when you were here with us.


Oh Richie you would love to be here with Riley - Oh My God she is soooo you - you would be laughing all the time and God Help Us All if the two of you were together we wouldnt get anything done from laughing - how i wish that was.


She was the center of attention while we were dying eggs last night so very much like you were when you entered a room.  She was meticuoulus placing her eggs in the cups and then "fake burping" to make everyone laugh.


I know you see us all and are so happy with "the angel baby" you picked out and sent to us.  I am sure you know about the "revolt" she has already caused at pre-K - Norma Rae is her name this week.  I see many notes from the principal in Dana's future - not unlike I got from yours.


Keep an eye on your Dad - he will need your prayers and help with his latest setback.  I think you can pull a few strings to help him along and get him settled in a new place after he is well enough to be alone.


Well we are off and running - another showing on the house today; please Richie help us find the right person to buy this fun house so we can go on and "disrupt another neighborhood".


I will be thinking of you tomorrow as Riley searches for her eggs- I know you will be right alongside her helping her not step on any and have a wonderful Easter.


Love Always



Hey / Derek Wakkure (Soldier)  Read >>
Hey / Derek Wakkure (Soldier)
Hey I never got a chance to say goodbye to you. Its been a while huh? I met you back in Korea in Oct 2004. The first impression that I got from you was nothing but respect. 1/72 Scouts were hardcore and we played hard and worked even harder. I was new and you got real tired of me talking to you at parade rest. One instance:We had worked a long night and on the way upstairs in the barracks you told me " I don't ever want you to talk to me at parade rest again" I was a PFC at the time but then I understood a deep level of respect between us. You never yelled at me. You were the example I was looking for to emulate as I would later progress into a successful military career. Febbi I made my Sergeant rank in less than 2 years Time in Service. You brought out some of the best qualities in myself as a soldier and as a man. Ive always knew I had an angel watching over me. I never could figure it out until now. I find myself upset I struggle to write this. You used to tell me stories and make hard times pass like nothing.

After that (haha) we walked around and just stirred up trouble. No one would mess with us. They knew better. Other MOS's would leave bars when we came inside.

Those were just some of the memories that I have but most of all you stuck up for me. You were a brother from the beginning. Thanks I always think about you man.

Your friend
Derek Close
Miss You Buddy!  / Ariel Condez (Friend/Brother)  Read >>
Miss You Buddy!  / Ariel Condez (Friend/Brother)

Hey Rich! I just came across this site through your Facebook page. Everbody misses you I miss you! I'm crying as I write this I was just telling my wife the story when we went out that night in Korea and got really drunk. You were yelling in every club we go in that you're Ricky Ricardo. We had (at least I did) the best time that night. Laughing Yelling Talking Shit to just about anybody saying: "If you aint Cav You aint shit!!!" I miss that night! That was the first thing I told my wife when I saw our picture together in this site's photo section! Imma borrow that pic and post it in my facebook ok!!! I told my wife you're one of the best soldier I've ever met not to mention that for the short period I've known you I thought your an outstanding person too. I will continue to pray for your soul and your family's health and well-being. God bless your soul SGT. Febbi. Until we see each other again in Fiddlers Green!!! I love you Brother!!! Scouts Out!!!

-Recon 9


miss you so much  / Dana (sister)  Read >>
miss you so much  / Dana (sister)

I don't really write on here too often but that is not because I'm not thinking of you it is just that it is too hard. 

I was on facebook the other day and saw these pics of friends of ours and they were with their brother and sister (and their children) playing in the snow - they were all having such an amazing time and it made me miss you so much. 

This morning I dropped riley off at betty's and as I was leaving Cheryl came with Brady and Alexa and a little while after that Mrs. Depascale came with Em.  As soon as Em got out of the car she raced to Brady to give her a big hug.  It was absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

I got back in my car and started to tear up a little bit.  Knowing that I won't ever get to see that - I won't ever get to see Riley play with  any children you would have had - it was just a lot this morning.  I know you are watching over her every second.  The other day she told me Mommy I love Uncle Ree in Heaven so much! Made me smile!!

Tell Brad his nieces (ALL OF THEM) were so adorable this morning!

I love you so much and miss you with all my heart.  It definately doesn't get easier only harder.

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